Infinite pub marketing ideas for Twitter: create inspired content for your page

pub twitter marketingAfter setting up your pub’s Twitter page you need to start posting updates that will engage with your target audience.

You might be new to Twitter or an established user with an account which needs more love.

Either way, we’re going to show you how to create consistent customer-building content.

We’ll demonstrate this in two parts.

Part 1: 7 essential tips to getting the most out of your content. 

Do you know the best time to tweet? Do you know how to schedule tweets in advance? We’ll cover these points and more.

Part 2: 8 content ideas which will engage your audience again and again. 

This is your indispensable checklist for pub marketing ideas which will win you more followers, the kind of followers that are likely to become customers.

Each point is demonstrated with real life examples.

All set? Let’s continue…

7 essential tips for getting the most out of your Twitter content

Twitter pub marketing ideas1. Try tweeting between 1pm and 3pm, 2-3 times a day.

The most recent Twitter marketing studies have shown that the best time to post updates on Twitter is between 1pm and 3pm from Monday to Thursday.

This is because many people access their social media whilst they’re at work. And particularly during lunchtime hours.

However, pub’s are a unique business and so it’s worth experimenting with tweeting at different times. For example, if you try tweeting before lunch or between 4pm and 6pm as people finish work, you might capture the attention of potential punters.

Try tweeking your posting schedule for different weeks and observe the results. Which week did you receive the most follows, retweets, replies or favourites?

How often should you tweet? 

Studies suggest between 1-3 times a day. However, running a pub is naturally a more sociable kind of business and so tweeting 2-3 times a day would be ideal. This demonstrates that your pub is a happening and lively environment and will increase the chances of grabbing the attention of customers.

Twitter pub marketing idea schedules2. Save time and hassle by scheduling tweets in advance

Hootsuite is a free tool for scheduling tweets. It means you can line up a number of tweets in one sitting and is indispensable for maintaining a consistent presence on Twitter.

This saves you time and hassle, and ensures that you don’t forget to tweet at those peak times.

3. Keep it sociable – don’t push the hard sell

Twitter is a social network and should be treated as such. Successful Twitter marketing requires a commitment to interacting with people and maintaining a friendly countenance.

Most social media marketers adhere to the 80:20 rule. This means that 80 per cent of the time you concentrate on creating useful twitter pub marketing ideascontent for people or just being sociable.

And then 20 per cent of the time, you go for the sale.

However, running a pub Twitter account is a little different…

Let’s say you write a post suggesting that people might like to attend your music quiz night tonight. Yes it’s promotional, but it’s also sociable.

In other words, when done in the right way, a pub can get away with more self promotional updates than most other types of business.

We’ll detail how in the second part of this article.

4. Display your personality

Successful pubs are warm, inviting and friendly places. And this should be reflected in the way you tweet.

You don’t need to be a social media expert; you just need a happy and friendly persona.

Here’s an example from the Hobgoblin pub in Brighton:

Hobgoblin Pub Twitter Marketing

5. Feature visuals wherever possible

Visual content on Twitter is far more likely to be shared than plain text.

If people share your content (i.e. by re-tweeting) then you also get in the eyeline of their followers. That means increased exposure and greater publicity.

And if people like what they see (whether that’s a special offer or a tantalising picture of your pub grub), they might pay you a visit.

6. Vary your content 

twitter pub marketing ideas bar chartKeep your followers interest by varying what you post.

Yes, there will be plenty of tweets which amount to ‘Attend our Event/Have a Drink Tonight!!’ (In fact, that should be a daily staple!) but make sure you mix it up with different posts.

We’ll feature the different types of tweets and pub marketing ideas you can use in Part 2.

7. Use links

One of the easiest ways of creating content, is to link to something you’ve already published on another website.

For example, if you’ve just added a new menu on your pub’s website, why not create a tweet which links to it.

Sometimes links can take up a lot of space. Solve this problem by visiting: This free website let’s you paste your website link into a box which then shortens it’s size.


8 content ideas which will engage your audience again and again

1. Promote events and invite people for drinks 

Let’s start with the most obvious type of update. Whenever you have an event on, tweet an attractive invite.

The Pony and Trap informs us that they’re running a pub tasting session:

The Pony and Trap pub twitter marketing

If you don’t have an event on that night, casually invite people in for a drink instead. Preferably accompanied by an enticing picture.

2. Create special discounts and deals

Publicise any discounted drink or food offers you have at your pub. However, you must not encourage irresponsible drinking, or create a promotion which portrays alcohol drinking as somehow ‘cool’ or aspirational.

You could even decide to create a one night only Twitter exclusive offer. Buy one main meal get one free: for Twitter followers only.

It’s a particularly good idea to create special promotions during times of the day when you’re usually quiet.

See how The Hope and Vine in Brighton is running a pub food and drink promo:

Hope and Vine pub twitter marketing

3. Showcase the standout features of your pub

Every pub has something unique to advertise. It may be a lovely outside patio, a roaring log fire, or just the general décor of your pub.

Photograph it and share it on Twitter for everyone to see.

The Friendship Inn in Fallowfield knows how it’s done:

Friendship Inn pub Twitter marketing

4. Entice customers with your food and drink display

Show off your food offering to a wider public by taking a picture of it and sharing it on your Twitter page. The same goes for your drinks range. Do you have a new ale in? Or a lovely bottle of red? Again, share it with the world.

The Junction Pub in Birmingham is proud to show off it’s new pale ale…

Junction Pub Twitter Marketing

5. Get in the spirit of festivities and major events

Keep a calendar of the various festivities, sporting events and anything else that your pub could celebrate.

Consider creating your own events around them.

Or, alternatively, just post a simple: ‘Celebrate the summer solstice by having a drink in our lovely beer garden.’ Naturally, this would be accompanied by a picture!

The North Laine Pub in Brighton combines three content types in one tweet. They simultaneously celebrate the 6 Nations rugby and publicise a pie and pint deal:

North Laine Pub Twitter Marketing

6. Get interactive with your followers

Get sociable with your followers by asking them questions or creating fun polls. For example, you could create a photo of the ales you have on tap. Then ask: ‘Which is your favourite tipple? Let us know and be in with a chance of winning a free beer.’

Or you could do something similar with a new menu launch.

The Crown Inn in Elton promotes a prominent feature of their pub while encouraging interaction…

Crown INN Pub Twitter Marketing

7. Local news, community news and the weather

A good pub should always have a strong connection with the local community. So, get following the Twitter feeds of local news publications, charities and other small businesses. You should also tweet or retweet about issues relevant to your area.

Your Twitter account will then become a good source of local information for your followers. Of course, this isn’t the primary objective of your Twitter account, but it’s a good way of adding value to your followers. AND creating variety.

It shows you’re in touch with the local community – and not solely interested in using Twitter to market your pub.

The weather can also be worthy of comment. Because us Brits… well it’s a favourite topic of ours.

The Basketmaker Arms in Brighton understands that highlighting fun local news stories adds variation to running a pub’s Twitter page:

Basketmakers Arms pub twitter marketing

8. Converse with people: people who talk about you or raise something interesting…

This links to the last point. Part of your Twitter content plan should be to respond to queries from others. If your pub is mentioned in a tweet, it’s good to thank them (if it’s positive) or apologise if someone had an unhappy experienced – and promise to put it right.

Exactly how you manage bad reviews is down to you. But it’s important to remain positive, to take it onboard and not come across as embittered or in denial.

‘Retweet’ posts that you like, or ‘favourite’ others. A retweet shares the post with followers while ‘favouriting’ the post just lets that person know you like it.

In other words, if you don’t think it’s suitable for your target audience, it’s better to favourite.

See how The Caledonia pub in Liverpool has picked up on another Twitter users compliment. All it takes is a simple retweet to show their appreciation…

Caledonia pub twitter marketing

…Now create your Twitter content plan

Armed with a firm grasp of how to create customer-winner Twitter content – and when – it’s time to start putting your knowledge into action.

All that’s left to do is create a plan. Your bread and butter is to promote your events and invite people in for a drink or a bite to eat. You can do one of these updates each day.

Thereafter, you can embellish it with the other content ideas we’ve mentioned.

Let us know how these infinite Twitter pub marketing ideas work for you.

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