A fool-proof guide to health and safety for pubs

pub health and safetyIf you’re running a pub, then you’ll no doubt want to avoid some of the potential banana skins laid down by health and safety legislators.

But don’t despair… the health and safety laws that apply to pubs are actually rather sensible.

The whole purpose of health and safety legislation is to ensure that businesses protect both staff and customers.

So, instead of regarding it as an irritating legal consideration that needs ticking off, think of it as a useful framework for ensuring everyone’s well being.

To help you, we’ve summarised the guidance provided by HSE, the Government body that oversees health and safety law in the UK.

As the owner of a pub you need to do the following:

  1. Elect a competent person to ensure your pub meets its legal obligations.
  2. Carry out a risk assessment.
  3. Provide a safe workplace.
  4. Give relevant training and information.
  5. Supply adequate first aid facilities.
  6. Write a health and safety policy.
  7. Get Employers’ Liability Insurance.

Let’s go through them one-by-one.

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