Pub marketing ideas: a checklist of subjects you need to cover

pub marketing ideas megaphone“Go post more updates! Tweet all about it! Hell, take the megaphone to the streets!”

“But what am I going to say?”

“Well, you know, we just need to get the word out.”

“What is the word?”


As the owner of a pub you need to become a skilled marketer. But how do you get started? How do you come up with ideas which will get people flocking to your pub?

Read on to discover the tried-and-tested pub marketing ideas you can use to promote your offering.

Let’s find something worth shouting about…

We will focus on the fundamentals of the simple day-to-day pub marketing ideas which will help attract people into your pub.

A checklist of pub marketing ideas

  • Events and ideas for pub nights: consider… quiz nights, live music, open mic nights, live comedy, karaoke nights, book clubs, movie nights, pool tournaments, darts competitions, live sporting events…
  • Pub food and news: promote your menus, seasonal dining, new dishes, new chef announcements, special discount nights, photographs…
  • Your people: mention their fundraising initiatives, news on the pub football team or other clubs, new members of staff (if they’re comfortable with the attention)…
  • Drinks range: advertise discounts, new drinks in stock, beer of the month, wine menu, coffee range…
  • Calendar events: Easter, Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Halloween, beginning of spring, summer solstice…
  • National ___ Week/Day: there are a whole range of issues and subjects marked with their own day or week. Check out for upcoming dates.
  • Various features of your pub: promote your beer garden, cosy log fire, pool table, dartboard, sports channels, pub history…
  • Pictures: appealing photos of your pub.

This checklist should give you plenty of pub marketing ideas.

Whoever your customers are, every good publican is committed to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at their establishment.

Reflect this in the style and content of your marketing.

Your pub marketing tools

But where are you marketing to? Apparatus to consider for your pub marketing strategies:

  • Social media – Twitter, Facebook or Google+
  • Your pub’s website
  • A-boards
  • Chalkboards – indoors and outside
  • Your front-of-house staff – mentioning events or new menus to customers or even their friends
  • Posters and signs – indoors and outside
  • Paid-for advertising and letterbox advertising

This brief guide provides a useful source of pub marketing ideas to get you started.

As a pub owner you may decide to delegate these responsibilities to a trusty member of staff who has a flair for words or a passion for marketing.

Let us know how you get on.

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