How to set up a Twitter account for pubs: a guide for newcomers

We’re about to demonstrate how to set up a Twitter account for your pub in 8 easy steps.

(If you already have a Twitter account but want to know how to get the best out of it, skip to our guide: How to create Twitter content for pubs.)

But before that we do that, I want to explain why Twitter should be an important aspect of your pub’s marketing strategy.

The truth is this: social media is increasingly being used by people to plan where they eat and drink. It’s a trend which is reflected in a 2014 survey by social media agency Clarity Comms.

Their research shows how a large number of people are planning their food and drinking outings on social media. Not only that, but they are discussing their experiences in pubs, bars and restaurants as well.

With punters becoming increasingly digitally savvy, it’s crucial that pubs establish a presence on social media. Get it right, and you’ll lure people from the virtual social network and into the real thing.

But why Twitter?

Twitter is the second most popular social network on the world wide web, behind only Facebook.

Without doubt, it’s Facebook and Twitter which are the two key social media marketing tools for anyone running a pub, bar or restaurant.

What is Twitter and how does it work?

Twitter is a ‘micro-blogging tool’ where users communicate their thoughts, feelings or news updates in short paragraphs.

These short communications are known as ‘Tweets’. Each one can be only a maximum of 140 characters.

So, you can send tweets and read what other people are tweeting. People will usually decide to follow those they find interesting, amusing or of some kind of value.

Friends link up and share their experiences. Businesses communicate and promote their latest offerings.

Everyone converses with each other in various ways.

For anyone running a pub marketing strategy, Twitter can be massively useful as a way of promoting your pub to a large number of potential punters.

If you can amuse, interest and give value to your target audience, then you can get those same people into your pub.

Today, we’ll show how to set up a twitter account.

Step 1: Visit the Twitter website

How to set up a twitter account 1

Type into your browser. You will be presented with the screen above. Locate the ‘New to Twitter?’ box and enter your name, email address and password.

When entering your full name, it’s best to use the name of your pub. However, if you want to put your own name down, that’s okay. You can always change it to the pub’s name at a later date.

The password is one that you plan to use for Twitter – it does not relate to the password for your email address. It must be at least 6 characters long.

Once filled in, click on the yellow ‘Sign up for Twitter’ button.

Step 2: Join Twitter

2. Join Twitter

You’ll be taken to a page which confirms the details you’ve just entered.

The strength of your password is evaluated by a green bar. The longer the bar; the stronger the password you’ve created.

The fourth box prompts you to enter a username for your Twitter account. This is the name that people will see when they visit your Twitter page or see your tweets.

As this is the Twitter account for your pub, it ought to be the name of the pub.

Easy, eh?

Well, it would be except there is a measly 15 character limit and you can’t use spaces. Plus, you might find your pub’s name has already been taken.

Our suggested solutions:

1) If your pub’s name is too long: consider using an abbreviated version. Many pubs are affectionately known by a shorter name.

2) If your pub’s name is already taken: try adding the word ‘pub’ or the name of the town or city it’s located in.

3) If you’d like separate words for your username: use capitals to differentiate the individual words.

Once you’re happy with your username, click on the blue ‘Sign up’ button’ beneath the box.

Step 3: We’re glad you’re here…

3. We_re glad

There’s nothing to do here apart from clicking on ‘Let’s go!’

Step 4: Select your interests

4. Choose your interests

This page is your opportunity to choose the subjects that interest you. Once you’ve chosen these subjects, Twitter will automatically provide you with suggestions for people you might like to follow.

Tick the relevant boxes then press continue.

Step 5: Suggestions of people to follow

Here, Twitter provides you with a list of 40 people you might like to follow based on the boxes you previously ticked…

5. Suggestion for you

You can either click ‘Follow 40 & continue’ in the top right corner. Or be more selective and scroll through the list and hit ‘X’ on the people you don’t want to follow.

You can choose to follow or stop following people at any time after you’ve created your account.

Step 6: Add a photo of your pub

At this point you’re presented with the opportunity to add a photo to your Twitter profile…

6. Customize your profile

You have two options: ‘Take photo’ or ‘Upload photo’.

The ‘Take photo’ option allows you to take a photo from the in-built camera on your computer or phone. I wouldn’t recommend it.

You want a good quality photo of your pub, not a wretched selfie! Although, many smartphones are fitted with pretty good cameras these days, so you could use it to take a picture of your pub.

I’d rather recommend the ‘Upload photo’ option.

This is where you can use a picture which is already stored on your computer. You can drag your photo’s file or select it and upload it that way.

Once you’re happy click continue.

Note: above you can see that my own name is written in large letters next to my username. I can change it to the pub’s name at any time so that it takes greater precedence. I recommend that you do that. After all, this Twitter account is all about the pub. It’s not about you personally.

Step 7: Find people you know

Now you get the option of uploading contacts from your email address…

7. Find people you know-2

If you click on the option to upload your contact, it WON’T automatically invite your contacts straight away. Instead, a pop-up box will appear asking you to enter the login details of your email account.

Once you’ve done this you are presented with a list of your contacts. You get to choose which ones to add to the list of people you are following.

Hopefully, they will follow you back!

If you don’t want to add any contacts yet, you can choose to ‘Skip this step’ in the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 8: Your Twitter homepage

And then you’re taken through to your Twitter homepage…

8. Twitter home

Note the yellow box at the top of the screen. This is informing you that a message has been sent to your email address asking you to confirm your email account.

So, open up your email account and then click on the link they’ve provided. When you return to your Twitter account, all the features will be available for you to use.

Job done… your Twitter account is set up and ready to use!

Next… we’ll demonstrate how to master Twitter’s essential features…


Photo of the Cockpit Pub in London courtesy of Gail Frederick ~ cc