How to create a successful letterbox marketing campaign for your pub

letterbox marketing doorThe humble door-to-door leafleting campaign should be considered a vital element of any pub’s marketing efforts.

There are four main reasons why it’s so effective:

  1. You can successfully target those people who live within your pub’s catchment area.
  2. The advert is certain to be seen.
  3. It’s low cost, high reward.
  4. Flyers can be used time and time again.

Letterbox marketing is a must for anyone running a pub. It’s a form of communication guaranteed to reach those people most likely to consider frequenting your premises.

This article will demonstrate the key aspects of creating a successful leaflet marketing campaign. It will cover:

  • How to create customer-enticing content for your leaflets and flyers

  • How to design the flyer: should you hire a professional or do-it-yourself?

  • Leaflet printing options and costs

  • Advice on distribution

How to create enticing content for your leaflets and flyers

leaflet marketingThere are three fundamental components for creating a flyer or leaflet: contentdesign, and production.

In this section we’ll focus on content: the words and images that will persuade people to visit your pub.

There are different types of flyer you might want to produce.

Perhaps you want to announce the opening of your pub, or maybe you’re advertising a special event.

Maybe you’re printing a limited-run discount flyer to entice new customers into your pub.

Whatever the purpose, you need to how to utilise words and images to…

…Connect with potential customers

The first step is knowing the key selling points of your pub and how they relate to the people living in your catchment area.

(Do you understand the needs of the people who live in your catchment area? Read our detailed guide on how to identify your pub’s target customer through a combination of online research and real life observation.)

Here’s something I’d like you to do right now. Take a blank A4 piece of paper and start brainstorming all the features of your pub.

Here’s an example to get you thinking…


I’ve created this brainstorm with some haste. I’m confident you’ll come up with more features and services.

Done? Great.

Now we’re going to use a technique which is a secret of advertising and marketing professionals: identify the benefits of these services you provide.

So, how does the customer benefit from the services your provide? Take each service and brainstorm the benefits of each one to the customer.

Here’s an example for a pub beer garden…


Now, continue this exercise with all the other features of your pub, all the while thinking hard about how the customer benefits from them.

By the end of this exercise you’ll have a really useful list of the potential selling points of your pub. This list can be used for a whole range of marketing activities.

For now, we’re going to use it for the purposes of running a pub flyer and leaflet marketing campaign.

Looking at that list you should be able to pick out the main selling points of your pub. These are the key benefits which will appeal to the customers in your catchment area.

Promoting these key benefits will provide the core message for your flyer.

Details to include in your flyer or leaflet:

  • The name and address of your pub (obviously!).

  • Contact details, including telephone number, email address, website address and/or Facebook/Twitter addresses.

  • The key benefits of visiting your pub.

  • High quality image of your pub which shows off its main selling point (this might be the quaint looking bar, the patio garden, or a particularly beautiful interior shot which evokes the friendly atmosphere of your pub).

  • A call-to-action: “Come and visit the Royal Oak – the friendliest place to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat!”

  • Consider including a special offer: exclusive to those who bring this flyer with them to the pub. If so, this will become the focus of your call-to-action.

  • Tone and style: Coming across as friendly and inviting is a must. You don’t need to write with the poetic beauty of Keats; just write in the loveliest, friendliest manner!

  • If it’s a larger leaflet or pamphlet, then you can go into more depth and include your food menu.

The good news for you is that few pubs go to the trouble of creating bespoke flyers. It’s a major marketing opportunity which many people running a pub miss. Don’t be among them.

Many of the pub flyers I’ve seen are created with a generic design. They lack images of the actual pub, instead utilising generic template imagery.

Get ahead of the competition and make sure your flyer features high quality images taken from your pub.

After all, you take great pride in the way your pub looks, right? So, take this opportunity to show it off.

Designing the flyer: outsource or DIY?

Do you want to design the flyer yourself or hire a professional to do it for you?

Do it yourself:

construction-workers-949768_640There are a number of ways that you can design your own flyer or leaflet.

1. Use an online tool for designing your own flyer.

My personal favourite is the simple-to-use picture design tool Canva. Sign up is free; you just need to provide your email address, create a password and you’re ready to go.

It’s a browser-based system which means you do everything online – there is no need to download any software.

You can select ready-made templates, fonts, backgrounds and images from their sizeable collection. Some of these templates are free, while others are charged at $1. But, you can also ‘upload’ or add your own images for free.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can download it to your computer. From there, it’s just a case of printing it out. We’ll discuss your printing options in the next section.

2. Many online printing services offer a simple browser programme for uploading images and designing your flyer.

Some offer greater personalisation than others. Such services include Vista Print and Instant Print.

3. If you own a professional image design programme, such as Photoshop, you create your own design on there.

This requires a lot more expertise – and quite possibly time – on your part.

Hire a professional:

man-1351346_640There are plenty of top-notch professionals who can design flyers for you.

The companies who print flyers also offer design services. What’s important is that you let them know exactly what you want.


Because charges vary significantly depending on whether you provide images and design ideas – OR – ask them to design from scratch with little input.

To make it clear, create your own rough design. You may do this on paper and scan it onto your computer or use Canva and email them your rough design with images attached.

Use our content checklist to ensure the essential aspects of your pub flyer are present and correct.

Printing options and costs

bank-17816_640Before we display the printing costs from three of the current market leaders, a few things you need to know…

Printing costs vary depending on a variety of factors, including: paper quality and thickness, size and whether it’s single or double-sided.

A note on paper quality: The GSM (grams per square metre) number reflects the paper thickness.

  • 35-55gsm is very thin, newspaper type paper.
  • 90-100gsm is the same quality as your average household printing paper.
  • 120 to 140 gsm has the same thickness as you’ll find on most posters or cheap flyers poked through your letter box (just thick enough to stand light wear and tear).
  • 180-300gsm is a higher premium quality flyer material – like those sturdy flyers you might be handed in the high street.
  • 350-400gsm is essentially card.

As we’ve mentioned, printing services also offer help with implementing or creating designs.

The following prices are for A6, double-sided colour printing.

All services offer a large variety of order sizes and quality options.

Note: there is a quite a difference in price…

Vista Print

  • £33.98 for 1,000 flyers at 135 gsm
  • £52.48 for 2,000 flyers at 135 gsm
  • £33.94 for 1,000 flyers at 235 gsm
  • £52.46 for 2,000 flyers at 235 gsm

Bigger and smaller orders are available. Includes simple design software for creating your own designs.

Instant Print

  • £24 for 1,000 flyers at 150 gsm
  • £28 for 2,000 flyers at 150 gsm
  • £28 for 1,000 flyers at 250 gsm
  • £35 for 2,000 flyers at 250 gsm

Free design templates available.

Solo Print

A very good value printing service. They also have free templates and basic design functions ready for your use.

Solo print’s paper quality options start from 250 gsm.

  • £32 for 1,000 flyers at 250 gsm
  • £43 for 2,000 flyers at 250gsm

How to distribute your flyers

Various companies offer services to deliver flyers through letterboxes, including the Royal Mail. However, I think you should be pounding the streets yourself, along with a few trusty helpers.


You may end up meeting your potential customers face-to-face. Plus, it’s a good way of getting to know your neighbourhood – and it’ll save you money.

Feel free to let us know how you get on with running a pub letterbox marketing campaign.


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