Pub trade associations: who’s who and what they do

Question markBII, SLTA, ALMR… with so many initials flying around it can all get a little confusing for new publicans. They’re all there to help, but what do they do?

Some associations help to develop your pub business, others promote your beer handling expertise, and some are just there for support when times are tough.

To discover who’s who, here’s a handy A-Z overview of the different pub trade bodies and what they do for pub landlords and landladies. Continue reading →

How to run a pub: the definitive guide


So, you dream of becoming the boss of your own drinking establishment?

“Are you crazy!?” Friends and family might ask.

Actually, despite the gloomy statistics surrounding pub closures, owning a pub can still be a rewarding occupation.

It takes hard work, passion, business acumen and great people skills; but it CAN be done.

However, before you invest your money, you ought to know what’s involved – and what to consider.

how to run a pub: you could be your own boss

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Running a pub for the first time: do you have what it takes?


Running a pub for the first time 1.3When you’re considering running a pub for the first time, it’s OK to experience pangs of self-doubt. After all, it’s a massive undertaking and there’s lots to learn.

Besides, anyone who enters the trade brimming with misplaced self-confidence, will likely exit the trade humbled and out of pocket.

Long ago, things were much simpler. Being a publican was considered a comfortable retirement proposition.  Continue reading →

Why excellent pub customer service is the bedrock of success

happy pub customerToday’s publican faces a huge amount of competition from super slick chains backed up by efficient corporate infrastructures.

But that’s no reason to despair: it’s a reason to up-the-ante. What remains a crucial tool in the pub landlord’s armoury, is the ability to provide a distinct service and a greater – more personable – standard of customer service.

Great pub customer service can be the difference between surviving and faltering, or prospering and failing.

It’s the crucial element which makes the difference between cultivating return customers – or being left with one-stop wonders. Continue reading →

Is a pub business plan important? (hint: yes it is, here’s why)

pub business plan leapTaking on a public house is a huge undertaking, so it is vital to have a well-defined business plan.

A meticulous approach can massively reduce the leap-of-faith involved in running a pub for the first time.

Your pub business plan should function as a detailed road-map that clearly outlines your business goals, how you plan to achieve these goals, potential problems that may arise along the way and how they can be solved.

Unfortunately most people think that business plans are only for people who are starting a business, but they are also vital for running businesses and must be updated each time the market conditions change.

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