How to find a chef… for free!

find a chef greenIt’s a bugbear of many publicans, hoteliers and restaurant owners. How do you find a chef who is reliable, level-headed and good at their job?

Morning Advertiser recently reported how the UK catering industry is suffering from a chef shortage.

To make matters more challenging, many pubs have a miniscule – or non-existent – recruitment budget.

But don’t despair! There are a range of effective options to recruit a chef free-of-charge.

In this article, I’ll show you:

  1. How to make the most of word-of-mouth and personal contacts
  2. How to advertise on social media and your website
  3. The 6 best free job boards for finding a chef

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These 15 leadership tips will improve your people management skills today

people managementManaging staff is one of the toughest aspects of running a pub.

No doubt you’ll employ many casual workers whose careers – and sometimes attention spans! – lie elsewhere.

Yet, with the right people management skills they can still be inspired to perform their job with pride, purpose and skill.

Whether you want to fire up the motivation levels of your staff, discuss performance issues more effectively, improve your body language, or become more assertive… you’ll find solutions here.

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Pub trade associations: who’s who and what they do

Question markBII, SLTA, ALMR… with so many initials flying around it can all get a little confusing for new publicans. They’re all there to help, but what do they do?

Some associations help to develop your pub business, others promote your beer handling expertise, and some are just there for support when times are tough.

To discover who’s who, here’s a handy A-Z overview of the different pub trade bodies and what they do for pub landlords and landladies. Continue reading →

How to run a pub: the definitive guide


So, you dream of becoming the boss of your own drinking establishment?

“Are you crazy!?” Friends and family might ask.

Actually, despite the gloomy statistics surrounding pub closures, owning a pub can still be a rewarding occupation.

It takes hard work, passion, business acumen and great people skills; but it CAN be done.

However, before you invest your money, you ought to know what’s involved – and what to consider.

how to run a pub: you could be your own boss

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6 simple steps to conquer TripAdvisor as a pub marketing tool

Bonus: Download our free checklist that will show you how to quickly setup and run your tripadvisor page!

TripAdvisor pubs owl laptopFollowing our article on why savvy TripAdvisor pubs have an advantage over competitors, we thought we’d help you join the collective…

…by demonstrating how to become one of those savvy TripAdvisor pubs.

These are the pubs successfully using TripAdvisor to attract new customers.

Despite the horror stories, it is entirely possible to make TripAdvisor work for you.

Besides, there’s a simple choice:

  • Leave your TripAdvisor pub page exposed to the whims of the internet-arati.


  • Take control of your listing, exhibit your pub in all its glory and transform it into a customer-cultivating resource.

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Why savvy TripAdvisor pubs have an advantage over competitors

Trip AdvisorTripAdvisor is a hugely important website for pubs. As the world’s most popular travel site it has the potential to influence whether or not a customer chooses to frequent your establishment.

If someone’s going to write a review of your pub right now, then TripAdvisor is the most likely website they’ll use.

At the same time, if someone wants to find out if your pub is any good, then there’s a good chance they’ll read-up about it on TripAdvisor. Continue reading →

Running a pub for the first time: do you have what it takes?


Running a pub for the first time 1.3When you’re considering running a pub for the first time, it’s OK to experience pangs of self-doubt. After all, it’s a massive undertaking and there’s lots to learn.

Besides, anyone who enters the trade brimming with misplaced self-confidence, will likely exit the trade humbled and out of pocket.

Long ago, things were much simpler. Being a publican was considered a comfortable retirement proposition.  Continue reading →

7 simple methods for gathering pub customer feedback

customer suggestion box

In our previous article we made the hard-nosed business case for why customer feedback matters.

If you’ve read it then you’ll be keen to learn all the strategies available for successfully gathering customer opinions.

So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. PLUS we will show you how to organise and act upon this information enabling you to run a pub with greater success. Continue reading →

7 reasons why your pub must gather customer feedback

bar-749458_1280How often do you get to hear what patrons think of your pub? Everyday? Once a week? Only when the moon turns blue?

Perhaps you’re among those who DO seek out the opinions of your pub’s customers.

Yet, too many pub owners gather customer opinions by chance. Like when a customer sends an email to the pub or when a conversation is overheard in the bar. Continue reading →

“Mine’s a cappuccino”: why selling coffee in pubs is a no-brainer

coffee in spaceLast year the Telegraph published a fascinating article which detailed why coffee shops are replacing pubs in Britain.

Unless you’ve been living on Kepler 452b, you will have noticed the huge rise in coffee shops across our town and city centres which has taken place over the last 15 years. Chains like Costas and Starbucks seem to be everywhere; while independent coffee houses are also booming.

This increase in the number of coffee and cake dispensaries has coincided with the continuing decline of public houses.

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