Reflections of a pub landlord: past, present and future

After 48 years in the pub trade, Tom Kilroy – AKA The Pub Landlord Advisor – has called time on a distinguished career.

With his wife Mary, Tom has run successful pubs and bars spanning the UK and Ireland. He started his pub career in 1968 when he managed The Dell a pub built by his father in his hometown of Athlone.

Since then Tom and Mary have run sports pubs, community pubs and even floating pubs, which have all guaranteed a warm welcome to visitors.

In this special blog post, Tom reflects on his time in the industry and looks at:

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The role of pub stocktakers: it’s more than just counting kegs

pub stocktakers kegsThe basic function of a pub stocktaker is to compare the amount of stock used up with how much money has gone through the till.

Is there a shortfall? Is stock being wasted? Or, even worse, stolen?

David Jones, chairman of Association of Licensed Trade Accountants (ALTA) explains the wider role played by pub stocktakers and how it helps with running a successful pub business:

As a publican, you are dealing with three of the most attractive commodities known to man: cash, food and alcohol. There isn’t an experienced licensed retailer that hasn’t (at some point in their career) experienced dishonesty in one form or another, so employing a stock taker is a ‘must do’. Continue reading →

15 PR Bloggers You Should Follow in 2015

News follower-1Everything was easy in the old days, pick up the phone to the local paper and hey presto, some column inches to promote your latest event.

Alas, the local paper is not the force it once was, declining readership has sounded the death knell of print media. It’s all about digital media now, right?

Busy pub landlords don’t have time to keep up with the latest trends for reaching and engaging customers. Yet, if you want to run a pub filled with happy customers you’re going to have to do just that.

Which is why we’ve put together a list of the top PR bloggers that you should follow.

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Why excellent pub customer service is the bedrock of success

happy pub customerToday’s publican faces a huge amount of competition from super slick chains backed up by efficient corporate infrastructures.

But that’s no reason to despair: it’s a reason to up-the-ante. What remains a crucial tool in the pub landlord’s armoury, is the ability to provide a distinct service and a greater – more personable – standard of customer service.

Great pub customer service can be the difference between surviving and faltering, or prospering and failing.

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Is a pub business plan important? (hint: yes it is, here’s why)

pub business plan leapTaking on a public house is a huge undertaking, so it is vital to have a well-defined business plan.

A meticulous approach can massively reduce the leap-of-faith involved in running a pub for the first time.

Your pub business plan should function as a detailed road-map that clearly outlines your business goals, how you plan to achieve these goals, potential problems that may arise along the way and how they can be solved.

Unfortunately most people think that business plans are only for people who are starting a business, but they are also vital for running businesses and must be updated each time the market conditions change.

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