7 simple methods for gathering pub customer feedback

customer suggestion box

In our previous article we made the hard-nosed business case for why customer feedback matters.

If you’ve read it then you’ll be keen to learn all the strategies available for successfully gathering customer opinions.

So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. PLUS we will show you how to organise and act upon this information enabling you to run a pub with greater success. Continue reading →

7 reasons why your pub must gather customer feedback

bar-749458_1280How often do you get to hear what patrons think of your pub? Everyday? Once a week? Only when the moon turns blue?

Perhaps you’re among those who DO seek out the opinions of your pub’s customers.

Yet, too many pub owners gather customer opinions by chance. Like when a customer sends an email to the pub or when a conversation is overheard in the bar. Continue reading →