How to create a successful letterbox marketing campaign for your pub

letterbox marketing doorThe humble door-to-door leafleting campaign should be considered a vital element of any pub’s marketing efforts.

There are four main reasons why it’s so effective:

  1. You can successfully target those people who live within your pub’s catchment area.
  2. The advert is certain to be seen.
  3. It’s low cost, high reward.
  4. Flyers can be used time and time again.

Letterbox marketing is a must for anyone running a pub. It’s a form of communication guaranteed to reach those people most likely to consider frequenting your premises.

This article will demonstrate the key aspects of creating a successful leaflet marketing campaign. It will cover:

  • How to create customer-enticing content for your leaflets and flyers

  • How to design the flyer: should you hire a professional or do-it-yourself?

  • Leaflet printing options and costs

  • Advice on distribution

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Are pubs for lease in Essex a wise choice?

Pubs for lease in EssexIf you have ambitions to run your own drinking establishment, you would do well to consider pubs for lease in Essex. Not sure about leasing a pub? Have a look at our guide on pubs for lease, tenancy or freehold.

In this special feature, we will examine the various districts of Essex, summarising current market conditions and some lifestyle considerations.

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Pub businesses need to target the right customers. Here’s how…

Target pub customersDo you know who your target customer should be?

Working out the answer to this question should be a key part of your business strategy.

Because targeting the right pub customers can be the difference between success and failure in running a pub.

This article offers useful tips for doing just that.

But, first, I want to explore…

How and why some publicans cater for the wrong customer

The new publican starts off with an idea of the target customer. The needs and wants of this target customer is influenced by the publicans own experience in frequenting pubs.

Such an easy mistake to make!

They instinctively want to offer the kind of food they enjoy and a drinks range they’ll savour. It’s likely too that this publican’s ideas are influenced by their peer group.

And so, what they end up creating is a pub which caters for them and their buddies. Which is all well and good if they’re running a pub in a catchment area with needs and desires which match their own.

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A buyer’s guide to pubs for sale in Herefordshire

With its distinctive and friendly market town feel, pubs for sale in Herefordshire are likely to appeal to those attracted to the rural way of life.

As the global capital of cider production, Herefordshire will no doubt also entice pub owners with a passion for that fruity alcoholic beverage.

The West Midland’s county is tucked away on the border with Wales, yet just an hour away from Birmingham and the major motorway networks.

Here we are going to discover more about market conditions and lifestyle considerations for buying or leasing a public house in the area. If you’re new to the pub game you might want to read our take on running a pub for the first time, do you have what it takes? Continue reading →