What’s the best location for pubs for lease in Kent?

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With its beautiful seaside villages and historical sites, the county of Kent can be a charming location for leasing a pub. Not sure about leasing a pub? Have a look at our guide on pubs for lease, tenancy or freehold.

However, as Kent covers such a large area, it’s worth finding out more about the different districts before you put pen to paper on buying a public house.

In this article we will summarise all the main hotspots for buying a pub in the area. Then at the end we will provide links to the latest listings for pubs for lease in Kent. Continue reading →

Know your way around Twitter: a pub marketing guide for beginners

Following on from our last article (which explained how to set up a Twitter page for your pub) we will demonstrate how to master Twitter’s key features.

Getting to know Twitter is pretty easy. But too many people in the pub trade – and in other business professions – create an account and start tweeting, following and hashtagging till their heart’s content.

Which is all well and good. Problem is, they haven’t taken ten minutes to learn all the essential elements which will make them more productive and effective in utilising Twitter as a pub marketing tool.

I clicked around a few pub’s Twitter accounts. I discovered a missing biography here. An absent cover photo there. Plus there were accounts desperately in need of new updated content.

These are just the obvious aspects of running a pub Twitter account. No doubt there is much more they are missing out on.

So, read on and we’ll showcase the key functions you should be aware of on Twitter. This will lay the foundations for a Twitter account which will be effective in attracting followers and drawing new customers into your pub.

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