A publican’s guide for understanding VAT (No jargon guarantee.)

VAT for pubs abacusUnderstanding how VAT works is essential for any publican.

Thankfully, it’s simpler to grasp than most people would think. (Honestly!)

Our jargon-busting guide will answer five key questions:

  • What actually is VAT?
  • Does my pub need to be VAT registered?
  • How much VAT will I need to pay?
  • How does the VAT return work?
  • Is flat-rate VAT – the easiest accounting option – for me?

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Recruiting bar staff? Here are the 6 character traits to look for

BarmaidThe importance of your pub’s front of house team can hardly be overstated.

You can have a beautifully decorated pub with perfectly conditioned cask ales and a sumptuous food menu; but…

…Having friendly and attentive bar staff still remains a vital aspect of running a successful pub.

So, what are the character traits that make a great bartender? What are the qualities that you need to look for?

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