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Reflections of a pub landlord: past, present and future - After 48 years in the pub trade, Tom Kilroy – AKA The Pub Landlord Advisor – has called time on a distinguished career. With his wife Mary, Tom has run successful pubs and bars spanning the UK and Ireland. He started his pub career in 1968 when he managed The Dell a pub built by […]
Is improving staff performance the new marketing tool for pubs? - A high standard of customer service was once an important part of running a pub business. Happy customers would regale friends and family about their new favourite pub and word-of-mouth would work its magic. But it’s even more vital now! It’s not simply word-of-mouth; it’s ‘world-of-mouth’. People share their pub-going experiences across social media and on […]
How to find a chef… for free! - It’s a bugbear of many publicans, hoteliers and restaurant owners. How do you find a chef who is reliable, level-headed and good at their job? Morning Advertiser recently reported how the UK catering industry is suffering from a chef shortage. To make matters more challenging, many pubs have a miniscule – or non-existent – recruitment budget. But […]
The role of pub stocktakers: it’s more than just counting kegs - The basic function of a pub stocktaker is to compare the amount of stock used up with how much money has gone through the till. Is there a shortfall? Is stock being wasted? Or, even worse, stolen? David Jones, chairman of Association of Licensed Trade Accountants (ALTA) explains the wider role played by pub stocktakers […]
These 15 leadership tips will improve your people management skills today - Managing staff is one of the toughest aspects of running a pub. No doubt you’ll employ many casual workers whose careers – and sometimes attention spans! – lie elsewhere. Yet, with the right people management skills they can still be inspired to perform their job with pride, purpose and skill. Whether you want to fire up the motivation […]
What is good pub management? A bartender’s perspective… - In this special feature, guest contributor and former bartender, Charlotte Newman, reveals – from first-hand experience – how pubs can gain the loyalty of staff. The way you run a pub can have a huge effect on the level of job satisfaction experienced by staff, their loyalty to the business, and their sense of morale in the workplace. I have seven […]
Pub trade associations: who’s who and what they do - BII, SLTA, ALMR… with so many initials flying around it can all get a little confusing for new publicans. They’re all there to help, but what do they do? Some associations help to develop your pub business, others promote your beer handling expertise, and some are just there for support when times are tough. To discover […]
How to run a pub: the definitive guide
- [promotion] So, you dream of becoming the boss of your own drinking establishment? “Are you crazy!?” Friends and family might ask. Actually, despite the gloomy statistics surrounding pub closures, owning a pub can still be a rewarding occupation. It takes hard work, passion, business acumen and great people skills; but it CAN be done. However, before you invest your […]
6 simple steps to conquer TripAdvisor as a pub marketing tool - Bonus: Download our free checklist that will show you how to quickly setup and run your tripadvisor page! Following our article on why savvy TripAdvisor pubs have an advantage over competitors, we thought we’d help you join the collective… …by demonstrating how to become one of those savvy TripAdvisor pubs. These are the pubs successfully using TripAdvisor […]
Why savvy TripAdvisor pubs have an advantage over competitors - TripAdvisor is a hugely important website for pubs. As the world’s most popular travel site it has the potential to influence whether or not a customer chooses to frequent your establishment. If someone’s going to write a review of your pub right now, then TripAdvisor is the most likely website they’ll use. At the same […]